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Our Quality

We understand that the low price of a vehicle draws the attention to any buyer. But what happens, if that vehicle at a good price, months or years later you discover that it had a serious accident and now it is worth much less than you thought it was worth.

Well, when you buy a car at C & G Imports, you do not have to worry about that, since we only sell you quality cars, without crashes, accidents, cancellations of insurance, or even rented cars like other Dealers in the area. All our models are previously inspected and guaranteeing the quality controls of the States of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Each vehicle is reviewed in more than 140 points, besides being one of the few or only Dealers in the area that offers you 2 History Reports, which are CARFAX and AUTOCHECK.

That's why, when you talk about buying a car in C & G Imports, you talk about buying a quality car!

No accidents no salvaged no rental car no frame damage check boxes