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Quality vs Price

We all want to save when buying a car and many are willing to sacrifice year, miles, options and even stop buying the best brands and models of cars in order to get the lowest price.

But what happens if that vehicle with the low price now costs more or maybe twice the original price for high interest?

Or, what happens if that vehicle we thought was at a good price, 1, 2 or 3 years later, you want to sell that car and go to the nearest dealer, who after running Carfax's history and autocheck tell you that he has an accident record, is salvaged or frame and now it is worth much less than you thought.

That's why we recommend that you do not sign any car purchase without first checking:

  1. Interest rate
  2. Time to Pay
  3. Total price to pay
  4. Clean History of Carfax and Autocheck

And, if the dealer where you are buying does not want to offer the history of the vehicle, do not worry, call us at 703.525.7441 and we can gladly offer it without any cost or obligation.